​​​​​​​Client          MYKITA

Work          Concept Development, Book Design, Packaging Design

          Out of this World is a limited art edition set, combining a book featuring the wondrous images of artist and photographer Mark Borthwick, together with a limited edition art print signed and numbered by the artist.
          The images of Mark Borthwick are characterized by beaming rays of light that run throughout the pictures. This style is achieved with his one and only Leica from the 70s and a refined technique of briefly opening the camera lid to expose the film to sunlight. 
          I developed a concept of a story related to the imagery throughout the book. An abstract prose and observation made by the sun, as if the sun would have a mind of its own and study whatever happens on earth and the characters in the photos from high above the sky. The text was written by British author Alex Preston. 
          I designed the book, packaging and the art prints included, which as a set was awarded with a Red dot design award. 
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