​​​​​​​Client          FLEYE

Work          Creative Direction, Art Direction

          After rebranding FLEYE I created the first campaign following the new brand directions. The campaign was shot by Spanish photographer Silvia Conde and set at "La Muralla Roja", literally the Red Wall in Spanish. Rising from the rocky cliffs of Calpe in the Alicante region of Spain this 1973 housing project by architect Ricardo Bofill provided the perfect framework for the FLEYE campaign. 
          Puristic yet daring aesthetics blend urban impulses with classic simplicity in a completely new look. The striking colours of the facades were selected to either contrast with nature or complement its purity as well as setting the tone for the lookbook’s general colour theme. It's a campaign of stunning shapes and colours that find its artistic expression in a triad of nature, architecture and the art of eyewear design.
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